A strange substance created by Super-Noufies who have been stung by a bee.
Alex can make honey.
by monkeynutsblah March 29, 2006
Honey is slang for the finished chemical product, usually methamphetamine.
The bee gassed the FB solution with HCl to precipitate the honey.
by gorerotted April 11, 2010
Honey is a slang term used for Heroin, as well as "H" and Horse.

The 3 H's : Heroin Honey Horse
Ayo man you got any Honey

naw man got some blow though

naw man im good, im fiendin for some H man

I need to be suckin on my Honey right about now
by mistertransporter May 15, 2008
Color of Dark blonde hair. A viscous fluid bees make that is yummy.
That is some good honey.
by Traveling Bob August 11, 2006
a slang term used to describe a $100 bill.
GUY 1: damn whats that new iphone worth

GUY 2: fuck it cost me like 4 honey 's.
by jon da mang September 30, 2008
Hash oil. An extremely potent form of cannabis. Oil extract taken from the leaves of marijuana is very potent. Must ingest or "smoke" to get high. Crazy users dip cigarettes, blunts and edible items into honey to; increase potency of weed and add an additional buzz to cigarettes, or make hard candies and lollipops etc.
I smoke honey dipped cigs at work.
Son gimme some honey for my ham sammich.
by Teedot Doubleyou December 11, 2005
another word for cocaine.
you got anymore honey
by stammers October 22, 2007

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