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A systems engineer that has sex with computers and dry humps other system engineers
Richard stop humping the computer you fucking homotron.
by Karlos April 18, 2005
a gay electron who goes around blowing fuses all day long.
That light is out again... thats the third fuse this week, fucking homotrons.
by ride161 March 24, 2005
1. A person whose actions mimick those of a homosexual stereotype.

2. A homosexual; usually male.

3. A person who acts "goofy" or foolish.
"That Tom Cruise sure is a homotron, huh?"
by Aaron Rowe - September 30, 2002
something with such distinguishingly homosexual attributes that one would assume they could only be created by a dedicated device.
by Paul March 04, 2003
Human or machine of gay nature.
simply another way to call someone GAY!
You are such a homotron with your gayness....
You are so gay that if you were a Transformer you would be part of the HOMOTRONS.
by nigga spic August 30, 2010
Big pink robot.
That goal was fully homotron.
by Amos August 29, 2003
someone who is a flaming homosexual, can be used as a noun or an adjective
Noun: "William is definitely a homotron."

Adjective: a homotron act
"That's homotron."
by Paul March 23, 2004

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