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Big pink robot.
That goal was fully homotron.
by Amos August 29, 2003
Sexy or Hot
Wow is he plinthu....he's got some plinthu going on..
by Amos January 31, 2003
a female minor that constantly gets sexed by an old man. Also has a penis growing from her knee.
That Manter has a big knee.
by Amos January 23, 2004
American slang, mechanical slang meaning of poor quality, or possibly like getting a cob in your corn hole.
Guy did a real cob-job on my transmission
by Amos April 09, 2004
when a guy useually trys to get in the girls pants he is called a lecher
My friend is a lecher when around some people
by amos January 22, 2004
something an amos craves
Amos was drooling over Engine Room again.
by Amos January 27, 2004
a gal who masturbates 24-7 to a punk rawker named Devon.
Lindz just got off to Devon again.
by Amos January 23, 2004
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