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-noun Slang
1. an illusion that occurs in which an obese woman's stomach and genital regions appear to be fused.

English -gut + Slang -cunt
Mary's weight aside, the stretchy pants that she wore over her naval really accentuated her gunt.
by jaezl March 26, 2007
-noun Slang
1. a chubby, fat, or otherwise swollen vagina
2. vaginal fat in an overweight woman that causes swollen or puffy labia.
suzette's badonk looked dope through beer goggles, but once i was up in the chooch, it was straight up gween.
by jaezl March 26, 2007
-verb (used with object) Slang
1. to pursue sex with overweight women for the purpose of sport or betting, usually involving young intoxicated men as participants.
Ian noticed some fat chicks across the bar, so he bet Mike ten dollars that he couldn't hog the largest one.
by jaezl March 26, 2007

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