A hoe in a bag
Cara is such a whore, and shes in a bag. She must be a hoebag
by Pantalones Grandes October 27, 2008
A large burlap sack that contains many, many hoes.
Bitch, you belong in a hoebag!
by 134this is my fake name~! June 10, 2008
A female version of a douchebag. Normaly a bandslut.
Guy 1: Is that Demi Lavato?
Guy 2: That hoebag!
Guy 1: Eww!
by Sydney and Kacey August 11, 2010
A bag full of Hoe.
I think I might pop out to the local Hoe-mart and get me a nice tasty Hoebag.
by Rafiki from the lion king February 27, 2009
A human sack of hoe; bag of hoe.
That Rachael girl is such a hoe bag!
by Maegz69 April 06, 2008
Playing a video game with no object or idea how the game is played. Shooting other players at random, causing a general mess of things.
That bitch was hoebaging our raid last night.
by 6degrees August 05, 2007
friend you feel comfortable enough with to joke around with usually rude names, a homie, amiga/amigo, girl friend, someone your tight with,
call me, hoe bag! love you hoebag! holllllla
by dksjflsfjljf March 15, 2009

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