Slut, Hoe, Retard, Freak...
OMG! Jane is SUCH a Hoe-Bag!!
by DaRK January 24, 2004
a female prostitute that is having intercourse with one or more men at the same time with all of them banging her at the same time
that hoebag was with 11 of the ugliest guys in the school
by Jkwon April 02, 2005
people who have sex and having multiple farts at the same time (mostly referring to women)


whores that have sex with paper bags
your lil' hoe bag did 69 to my dad.. all i could hear was a contant FRRTT sound....
by hobo da mofo May 20, 2004
6'5" tall, 240 lbs, hairy back and large CDG (Cum Dumpster Gut)
Cassie, and Parch did her.
by Carmen Electra December 09, 2004
either a bag full of various hoes, or a bag containing one hoe.
Shanice is neither part hoe, nor part bag, therefore Ishe is indeed not a hoebag.
by sakuran May 03, 2005
(1)a bag full of hoe or (2)can also be a friendly pet name for a close friend
(1)that girl that works the corner is such a hoe bag! (2) where is that hoe bag Mo? i've been looking for her all day!
by iam March 05, 2005
A small white plastic storage case in which ladies of the night keep their earnings.
"Wot you mean you only got fifty notes in ya hoe bag tonight? Take that (slap!) ya slack bitch!"
by April 19, 2004

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