A relativily nasty name to call someone usually it is told to smoenone who has a rep of being a hoe, someone that is a hoe that You can wrap up in a bag.
Jenny is such a Hoebag.

Me and casey kid around by calling ourselves hoebags.

I wanna get into that hoebag.

by spazzinator 2.0 September 19, 2007
An insult to either a male or female, usually a female.
"Shut the hell up, hoebag"
by izy September 20, 2004
Used to discribe someone that is annoying, stupid, ect. Also used as another word for Hoe.
Stop being such a hoebag.
by KodiakBear January 22, 2011
Your ex.
Yo, how's Stacey doin?

Oh, I totally dumped that hoebag. (Read: she dumped me and ran off with two circus midgets and a retarded pony)
A sleeping bag designed for two people.
LAUREN: Where did you sleep last night, Jon?
JON: In the hoebag, of course!
by Jon Van Phuck May 19, 2008
a completely stoopid idiot, aka, a close friend.
desiloo, you are an f***ing hoebag.
by christybob March 16, 2007
a sleezy whore, or female who will never stop blowing
joe: did you see that hoebag walking down the street?
josh: yeah she was banging!
by ur dad June 16, 2006

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