A female individual who has thrown all morals out in order to achieve a higher status in society.
Miley Cyrus is the perfect role model for wannabe hoebags.
by pseudobitch February 09, 2011
an overnight bag you keep in your car filled with things like extra underpants and condoms, because you never know where you might end up.
Sally brought her hoebag over to Chuck's house last night!
by LaurenKK1117 September 04, 2008
A sleeping bag designed for two people.
LAUREN: Where did you sleep last night, Jon?
JON: In the hoebag, of course!
by Jon Van Phuck May 19, 2008
a sleezy whore, or female who will never stop blowing
joe: did you see that hoebag walking down the street?
josh: yeah she was banging!
by ur dad June 16, 2006
A little slag who makes your friends' boyfriend cheat on her, while she simultaneously cheats on her boyfriend and even then, her boyfriend takes her back and your friends ends up alone.
by Killer.Killjoy June 04, 2014
One who is a man whore. Usually named Ty. Big flirt. Player. Has a hot back but an ugly heart. Likes to talk to many girls at one time and lie about it. Just a flat out dirt bag.
"You nasty hoe bag!"
by Noneyobuisness November 08, 2013
A person is a hoe but you dont want to say hoe so you say hoebag
Your mom is such a hoebag.
by kgrant November 22, 2011

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