1. A term that refers to stupid people, not necessary a whorish girl. If you get mad at your boyfriend you can call him a hoebag.
2. A bag full of hoes(gardening equipment!!)
1. Person a: Dude my sis stole my new purse!
Person b: God, what a hoebag!

2. Person a: Dude I can fit my donkey in this hoebag!
Person b: Wow, totally sweet!
by Shorty Beebop August 31, 2005
someone who is a douche; and is alliberately being an obnoxious fuck
hey you ! shut up and stop being a hoe bag.
by wadzinky June 21, 2015
A little slag who makes your friends' boyfriend cheat on her, while she simultaneously cheats on her boyfriend and even then, her boyfriend takes her back and your friends ends up alone.
by Killer.Killjoy June 04, 2014
A sleeping bag designed for two people.
LAUREN: Where did you sleep last night, Jon?
JON: In the hoebag, of course!
by Jon Van Phuck May 19, 2008
a girl who is, in actuality, a large bag of hoes.
can also be used as a synonym for whore, slut, skank, bitch.

it is also a possibility to use the word hoebag as a nickname for a specific person, to avoid the mentioning of that person's name in specific company.
"Hey did you hear? Ginny blew another guy yesterday"
"Yeah, she is a total hoebag."
by Ally Biddle April 13, 2008
a sleezy whore, or female who will never stop blowing
joe: did you see that hoebag walking down the street?
josh: yeah she was banging!
by ur dad June 16, 2006
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