1.a small asian who is your slave/chaffeur and who buys illegal product.

2.a worthless 21 year old who has no friends so he resorts to hanging with younger kids.
Gio: Yo, you Hoagie bring me to Mcdonalds then the liquor store, pronto!!!!
Hoagie: Suuure, maassster :(

Sam: yo. why are you at a party with teenagers?
Hoagie: i have no friends in college so thats why.
Sam: you are such a hoagie, get away you perv.
by Long Johnson April 04, 2008
An enormous penis...no relation to the large sandwich

My fat girlfriend finished off a hoagie by herself, then she had a bit of my hoagie.
by Nilknarf Den January 12, 2006
A penis
word originated in philly because everyone around there is a dick
Hey white girl suck on my Hoagie

i got a hoagie for ya
by Michael Arguelles December 12, 2004
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