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A word that caused numerous school districts to ban the great American novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
Teacher: I'd love for you guys to read Huck Finn, but because uneducated people don't understand the context of the so-called N-word, I can't let you.
by RealDuffy July 23, 2005
Philadelphian word for a sub sandwhich. Word likely has its origins from "Hog Island", which was an island intersecting the Delaware and Schuylkyl Rivers. The Irish and Italian people who lived there during the early 20th century where known as "Hog Islanders." In addition, they referred to one another many times as "Hogans" during their lunchbreaks. Eventually, the unique sandwhiches the men ate (they where large loaves of Philadelphian bread filled with meats--a precurser to the moder sub/hoagie) simply became known as "hoggies." Sometime by the end of WWII, the word transformed into its modern pronunciation and spelling: "hoagie."
John: You want to get some sandwhiches at Subway?

Friend: Nah. They're not real hoagies. I'd rather go somewhere else.
by RealDuffy July 23, 2005
The state of New Jersey.
John: (entering New Jersey) What's that smell?

Friend: Welcome to the armpit of the world.
by RealDuffy July 23, 2005
Better known as the Armpit of the world.
John: Wheeww! What the hell is that smell?

(Passes a Welcome to New Jersey sign)

Friend: Armpit of the world, man.
by RealDuffy July 23, 2005
Essentially, the only halfway decent university in Delaware where students without a choice or any real aspirations go in order to fulfill their parents academic wishes.
John: So, what school you going to after you graduate?

Friend: I don't know. I guess the University of Delaware.
by RealDuffy July 23, 2005

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