To take a day off work.

Hoagie w/cheese: Taking a day off without telling anyone.
Hoagie w/onions: Taking a day off, and everyone bitches about it.
Whole Hoagie: Whole day off work.
Half Hoagie: Half day off work.
I'm taking a whole hoagie tomorrow, hold the onions.
#hoagie #work #day off #whole hoagie #half hoagie
by Tantram July 21, 2010
A blowjob given to a man from Philadelphia with an abnormally large penis
(sometimes spelled "hogie" or "hoggie")
Girl 1: "Have you met that new guy from Philly? He's got a HUGE cock!"

Girl 2: "Really?"

Girl 1: "Yeah, I gave him a hoagie last night behind that new club downtown."
#blowjob #hogie #hoggie #phillycheesesteak #subsandwhich
by MacksAtrill October 16, 2012
A Pennsylvania word for sub.A sub that is filled with fattening substance.
LEt's go get a hoagie.
by OLLIE6197 March 04, 2005
hot meat in a bun
daaaayum, i want that hoagie!

wow ronnie you and cory are such hoagies! *mumbles "fuckin cake"*
#cake #hoagie #food #hot meat #gay men
by rinnerssss December 19, 2009
getting a blow job while eating a sandwhich..
last night my girlfriend was giving me a hoagie while watching sports center...
#face #head #brain #falacio #blow jobs
by THe calculator. October 13, 2010
A nickname for the most bad-ass person you will ever know also a term for a baby ninja.
That kids a hoagie!
#hoagie #nickname #ninja #baby #funny
by Hoagies November 03, 2009
Sub sandwich.
Hoagies are in the city, SubWay is in the suburbs.
by Rodney Basil September 29, 2003
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