a game, usually between a couple, where they go to a nightclub or party and send pictures of them making out with another person. the person that sores the most "hits" at the end of the night is the winner.
tom: hey jane let's go play hits!
jane: i dunno, kissing randoms sucks...
by kara_angel September 14, 2009
A group of girls that look like hoe's but you know they are way too young. They are known as Hoe's In Training.
"Damn look at that group of HIT's over there, it's a bummer they are only 15..."
by Skizzle Matizzle January 09, 2006
H.I.T “Head in toilet” , Also know as “Head in Toilet fuck” A woman knells before a toilet, Both hands firmly place on the bathroom floor. She then raises her rear quarters while lowering her head into the toiler water. A man then takes the position from behind and mounts her while her partially submerged head bangs against the toilet seat.
Damn let me tell you, that sl00t let me pull a HIT on her last night. HOLLA
by Animafia December 01, 2003
1. to come down on with force

2. To engage in sexual intercourse or fuck

3. To smoke, usually referring to weed
1. Wow! Check out how far he hit that ball!

2. Guy 1: I saw this girl in math class, she is hot as hell!
Guy 2: hit that shit brah!

3. guy 1: hey wanna see a movie?
Guy 2: fa sho jes lemme take anotha hit (slurs words)
*takes hit*
*face plants on table*
Guy 1: uhhhhhhh... Dude?
by Double D1021 August 28, 2014
A smack of heroin in the arm.
That is what a hit is.
"Want a hit?"
"Nah, I don't shoot up heroin anymore."
by diego August 16, 2003
the plural of hit

more than one hit off of something {{cigarette, bowl, bong, pipe, hookah, etc.))
she took three hits off of the cigarette before putting it out.
by SynthticDarkness May 01, 2008
A Hoe in Training. When your friend or anybody talks like a hoe without actually doing any sexual activity. A male or female may be a hit.
"Becky is a hoe"
"No, bitch, Becky is a hit."

"I would fuck her, her, her, your mom, his mom, the mailman, will smith, peter griffin, obama, obama's daughter, the math teacher, your dog."
"Dude your such a hit."
by Bubble69 October 09, 2014
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