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a. after you get outta jail n your lucky, u get parole.
b. if your a druggie or an alchie you gotta have someone piss in a cup for u when your parole officer wants to do a testing.
a. yo lashanda i got outta jail with parole, lets celebrate by gettin stoned.
b. hey man i need u to piss in this cup for me for my p.o. or i'll get back into jail.
by Luna December 23, 2004
When an actor starts taking roles involving children/animals with a moral, to make up for past misgivings such as drug busts, cursing too much or picking up transvestite hookers.
Paul: Hey did you see "Daddy Day Care"?
Pat: Yeah.
Both: PA-ROLE!
by The Chang March 05, 2008
<Italian> Parole
<English> Word
Il parole = The word
by Italian_Speaker_1989 April 26, 2004