Holds a few meanings. And was established at Western Illinois University c. 2008

A situation, comment or story that makes you laugh as if you were high.

Something that happened while you were high that was so funny that while reminiscing about it sober, makes you laugh as if you were high.

When in public conversing with some one you know is down, in front of others who are not down, it is a code to let them know that the particular funny instance happened while being high.
Yea bro, it was 1:30 in the morning and we had just arrived on adams street that night, Erik yells, "Its a beautiful night to fuck a chick in the ass!" it was High-larious.
by advtrkers December 01, 2011
Top Definition
something that makes you laugh hysterically when blazed. it's usually not funny in a clear state of mind.
"yesterday i got lifted and watched jeopardy, that shit was highlarious"
by blazed March 15, 2005
something that is found extremely funny, usually after approx. 4:20
my best friend made a PB & ice cream bagel, that's Highlarious
by John November 20, 2003
A short-term for the description "highly hilarious". Highlarious was produced by merging the two words in the description together to form one superword. Using the word 'highlarious' instead of 'highly hilarious' saves approximatly 0.54 seconds when spoken and 0.97 when being typed.
That current, popular romantic-comedy at the cinema is highlarious!
by The Masked Cheese August 19, 2005
1)a high level of lariousism

2)something hilarious whilst high in a altered state of consciousness
"that was highlarious"
by steen tee April 17, 2003
When something's funny just because you're high.
"Eat shit. Bagel bit. Eat that bagel lick that clit"

by Daniel "the human skidmark" September 20, 2008
A term that is only funny when all parties involved are under the influence.
Mary told a joke at the party. Everyone cracked up. It was pretty Highlarious
by TehDwarf November 16, 2008
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