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29 definitions by blazed

something that makes you laugh hysterically when blazed. it's usually not funny in a clear state of mind.
"yesterday i got lifted and watched jeopardy, that shit was highlarious"
by blazed March 15, 2005
a kid that is inbetween the ages of 13 and 18
your an adolescent to be smoking weed nukka
by bLaZeD September 28, 2003
a breaker move in which you place your elbow into your back (finding your "sweetspot" can be a bitch) and then leaning onto that hand with the rest of your body up.
airchairs are hard as fuck
by blazed December 07, 2004
once was a true thugs pair of boots but now they've hit mainstream and everyones wearing them.
Damn nigga, you got the new Lugz.
by blazed December 01, 2004
I just heard of an inside branch called Insane GD in the pin at Alaska.
74 or ya hit da floor
by blazed February 08, 2005
this is a breaker freeze where one or both knees are at the elbow that your doing a one handed freeze
airbabys are hard as hell
by blazed December 07, 2004
a breakers stall where your moving and suddenly stop like your frozen.
Airbaby is a dificult freeze.
by blazed December 09, 2004