1. Something so funny it makes you feel like you've just dropped acid and got high on ecstasy at the same time.
2. Something so unfunny/dumb that you must be literally doped out of your mind to derpidly laugh at it.
Sober friend:"Dude, did you see what Dumbnuts just did? HiiiIIIIGH-larious!"

or, alternative usage:

Trashed friend: "BwahhahahahaHAhurdeehuehurheeehehehehaHAr, that is sooooooo FUuuuurrrnyyyheeheeehehehheeee *hic* lolololol"
Unamused sober friend sarcastically responds with mocking tone: "Haha, yes, very funny, Highlarious..."
by horrorjunkie August 16, 2013
Something that is only funny when you are high.
Any joke on Everybody Hates Raymond is highlarious.
by Joefry Reynolds December 23, 2012
When something that usually wouldn't be funny is funny, but only because your high.
John : That picture of the dog in the hat was so funny last night, but it is not funny anymore.

Joe: Yea, it was just highlarious, I guess
by justcallmegloria June 20, 2011
HIGH-lar-i-us (adj): A particularly clever yet unpretentious joke or situation which does not readily present itself as humorous absent higher intellectual processing. The rare occurrence where a British-style pun is actually quite funny. This definition, however, explicitly excludes esoteric, disciplinary humor such as that shared amongst PhD candidates, law-students and anyone remotely associated with the New Yorker.
1. It took me a while to realize that John Doe was actually highlarious.
2. "Everybody Loves Raymond" is neither highlarious, nor remotely funny for that matter. See: crimes against humanity.
by Matthew November 19, 2005
1) when something is beyond funny

2) when someone is high and makes a funny joke
while we were smoking shiba yesterday, Martin said something Highlarious!
by Roxybaby00 August 03, 2005
Something that it extremely when/because you are high.
Matt: What do you call an ugly slut?
Andrew: I dunno what?
Matt: You're girlfriend!
Andrew: That's freakin highlarious
Matt: It's probably because we're high
by loveMEhateYOUsaySOMETHINGdoTO March 03, 2011
Something that is funny only to people who are high.
High guy: "Dude that is so funny!"
Clean guy: "The chair is highlarious, yes, and you need help."
by Another teenager October 06, 2010
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