When Tim Hightower running back for the Washington redskins does something funny/stupid in a game according to the CBS announcers
When he tripped right in front of the end zone, Tim Hightower made a Highlarious mistake
by Senorfrogz October 18, 2011
Something that's really fucking funny, but possibly just because you're stoned.
The Harold & Kumar films are absolutely fucking high-larious.
by stoner_jack March 01, 2011
When something isn't even that funny, but you laugh so hard at it as if you're high.
*Person almost trips on their shoelace*
by ElisePwnzzzz February 11, 2009
Something that is only funny when one is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Was Cheech and Chong funny?
Nah, man, it was high-larious! Just don't watch it sober.
by Maniac Monster May 01, 2011
the way you can describe someone who is very funny when they are high
Dude, Hank is so highlarious!
by lorenzod May 28, 2010
An adjective describing something that one finds very funny while high on cannabis.
"Did you see that fat kid in a snow suit trying to run up that hill?"

"yeah, that was highlarious"

"want another toke?"
by soopasygu44 December 17, 2008
Holds a few meanings. And was established at Western Illinois University c. 2008

A situation, comment or story that makes you laugh as if you were high.

Something that happened while you were high that was so funny that while reminiscing about it sober, makes you laugh as if you were high.

When in public conversing with some one you know is down, in front of others who are not down, it is a code to let them know that the particular funny instance happened while being high.
Yea bro, it was 1:30 in the morning and we had just arrived on adams street that night, Erik yells, "Its a beautiful night to fuck a chick in the ass!" it was High-larious.
by advtrkers December 01, 2011

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