Its a weapon, created before WWII but not really named until then. Its a High Explosive Squash Head, but can also be used as a name for a cock
Look out that boys got his HESH out!!!!
by Spurtreynolds June 22, 2004
Snowboarder kids (Sometimes, but rarely skiers) who think they are gnar thugs with huge tee shirts/coats/jerseys, then sport really tight pants just to confuse the hell out of you. Hesh kids usually wear saggy beanies, colorfull nikes, and as much neon as possible. Typically they will ride with airblaster gear. Hesh kids use such lingo as "Killer!" "Butter!" "Gaper!" "Totally Awesome!" "Gnar Kill!" etc. Typically, hesh kids fall on the metrosexual side, staying away from any confrontation, acting very humble, and are very liberal.
"Hey bro! Did you see my new pants? I sewed them in and now I am so totally Hesh!! I can barely get blood to my legs it's so Killer!!"

by E-Rupt April 25, 2008
1.A person that looks both like a boy or girl
2.A person that who's sex cannot be determined by looking at them
I see a hesh! I think it's a boy... No a Girl! I can't tell! I'm so excited!
by Mike March 09, 2004
Slang for the word, hesherr - meaning "Hi" or "Hey". Usually used used when greeting.
"Hesh. How's it goin?"
by jmcool February 11, 2005
Used when describing someone or something that does not meet up to standards. Derived from the slateboarding/snowboarding culture, "hesh" is simply another word for sucks.
Your pile of crap you call a skateboard is looking pretty hesh right about now.

That kid is hesh. He thinks he's so good, but no, he's straight up hesh
by Jordan Ettinger August 26, 2006
Hesh is a word much like shim. It means that you see a person and cannot tell whether it is a he or a she, thus resulting in Hesh.
Dude its name is Erin and it looks like a dude but it has tits, what a fuckin hesh.
by Nate G. March 11, 2005
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