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A term used to describe a certain kind of skateboarder, one who wears tight clothes, and most often skates big rails or sets
Guy 1: Did you hear joe blow front feebled that rail?

Guy 2: That's hesh.

Hesh Guys
Andrew Reynolds, Chris Cole, Corey Duffel, Ali Boulala
by Mack... August 15, 2006
1. Gnar
2. Someone in the style of out of style
3. Not giving a fuck and being on top of their game about it.
4. In skateboarding, fresh, or a trick with a lot of hype.
"Oh my God Scott was throwing down some hesh style today"

"Check out that hesh gear he's got on, that's gnar"
by Scott March 09, 2005
Hesh is sometimes perceived as a person with just tight pants. Wrong. Hesh is a very dirty person that doesn't car about anything and doesn't take showers for months on end... They love to rub their clothes in dirt before each day and rip holes in their jeans. Let they're facial hair just get loose and put indian jewelry in they're hair.
Jordan: Yo that guy is hesh

Glenn: No man that guy is a skater... That guy is a hesher with the tomahawk necklace and feathers in his hair!

Jordan: Oh so that's a hesher!
by HeshScientist June 16, 2009
A compound word; a mixture of the words 'heinous' and 'hellacious'. To describe something either bad or good.
"Daym! Yo girlfriend's lookin' hesh2death, brotha!!! SWEET!"


"Oh gahd dude, yo boyfriend's lookin' hesh"
by thechiller May 24, 2009
Hesh either means a discription of a certain type of style in the world of skateboarding. The common "hesher" will go for any trick you tell them to without thinking about it twice, and refuse to bail (even if landing primo is 100% guaranteed)or referring to a homosexual man. (he+she=hesh)
That guy over there is such a hesh!
by Fafso March 01, 2009
The greatest MC on Earth and the best Adult Swim charecter ever.
"Hesh wants married sex!"
by 0tremba February 19, 2008
From the word Hessian (HESH-IN) Which originaly was a type of army unit in germany, but now it means somone who is Hardcore or like rough looking, dirty hahah
That guy has womens jeans on... and an Iron Maiden shirt... pretty hesh if do say so myself.
by Bock. October 02, 2003