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to hurt or brutally wound. However death is not usually involved.

i.e. to dick on

I dicked on
He dicked on
They dicked on
We dicked on
Elliot will dick on John after sending him a polite message.
by JKSoulmate December 13, 2010
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to maneuver around somebody, such as in a sport, usually in hockey
Shit, he absolutely dicked on that goalie.
by doogan November 17, 2004
10 4
As in 'friendly chap who knows little about football'. Sometimes hailing from the carrot crunching area of the British Isles. Habitually resides in south London.
That David Mellor is a right Dickon.
by Terry July 02, 2004
10 4
DICK clue is in the name DICKon
Self centered and arrogant ! thinks very highly of himself ( i am the best porn star/rider/god/dude) in town.
would rather finger his horse all day than make friends with some actaul people !
blaa blaa blaa i have a 12" penis like my horse
i am the best "rider" in town
i love the taste of my own cock and cream !
would you to turn my Dickon ? (even though i am that much of a horny tard i am always hard)
how do u like that for size?
by dickydickkkycumdrop January 02, 2011
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