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any person with unnecessary hair on their head.
That hesh needs a hair trimmin.
by austin hagman August 27, 2008
Hesh can be used to describe almost anything, it can be good or bad.

Devin: "You're getting a tattoo on the inside of your lip? HESH!"
by Devin scrambles August 21, 2008
'Seablab 2021' character that has a uncontrolable sex problem.
Debbie come down adn have some SEX!
by ash_link August 31, 2004
Something that is generally cool or bad ass.
Person 1:
"Listen to this guitar solo!"

Person 2:
"Holy shit! That's hesh!"
by 5150foryou April 21, 2008
when someone is like total gnar.
He is so mechanically hesh!
by LALA LAND August 25, 2004
A hesh man of large stature that enjoys feasting on many little fresh kids maybe be considered hesh.
Tight pants make up the majority of the wardrobe along with t-shirts made for people 50 pounds less than him and consider him hesh.
And when the hands down tricks thrown are completed most can say that that is hesh.
Kajethesk8er is hesh, slash is hesh, pretty much anyone on the pig team is hesh.
Hesh is a style of eating.
by chriddygotagun March 10, 2006
Its a weapon, created before WWII but not really named until then. Its a High Explosive Squash Head, but can also be used as a name for a cock
Look out that boys got his HESH out!!!!
by Spurtreynolds June 22, 2004