something i put in my tomato sauce
These herbs make the sauce taste fantastic!
by mooitsmarcia August 13, 2008
a rare sort of person
der... shes an herb, theres not many of them around
by christian dobbs aka dobbsy August 01, 2006
Marijuana or a medicinal plant used for soothing cuts and abrasions.
Kent is smookin th herb again.
by KLT November 07, 2002
The healing of the nation.
It's absolutely clear that ganja herb is the healing of the nation
by Herbsman420 March 10, 2010
Plants and/or weed
Herbs grow in the woods
by Wiley aka JL January 04, 2010
A person who is a follower who has no life, who can not think on their own, a Loch
Danny is a herb because what ever ruben says for him to do, he does
by pimpwitalimp February 18, 2008
Someone who gets no respect from his peers, is usually laughed at and is bullied. A person that cannot stand up for himself therefore falls prey to ridicule, abuse and mochery by others.

"Yo Steve, why you let that faggot Marlon "herb" you like that?
I would have beaten 20 pounds off him!"

"Oh shit Dogz, Jose just got smacked up like a bitch by that skinny nigga Will and didnt do shit! 'treated him like a "Herb"!
by Mr. Plumpy June 09, 2006
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