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Yo, Peace Out. Used when closing an email or IM chat to say good bye. Typically used in male-to-male communications.
"Thanks for your help today. YPO!"
by Kool Katz December 11, 2009
The word yo with a "p" in it. Originally a typo resulting from the proximity of the letters "o" and "p" on the keyboard, and the ease with which such keys can mistakenly be struck simultaneously when solely one key was intended, "ypo" is now considered the more proper way to greet someone whilst chatting on AIM. See also pwnt.
AimUser1: yo
AimUser2: ypo
AimUser1: "ypo"?
AimUser2: "yo" with a p in it
by Ariooo October 01, 2007
You pedophile or something?
Runis: She's hot!
by ICM w00t June 06, 2009
You cock sucking piece of shit
google it you cock sucking piece of shit.
by Chino_PD November 27, 2003
YPOS means you piece of shit
Go away YPOS
by Stupidest man alive January 23, 2016
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