A word that makes black people mad for some reason.
Me: Herb.

Black Person: Don't fuckin say that in front of me bro.
by killakyraskeetskeet July 28, 2010
herbacious, herbaciousness, happyspecialandfresh, really good herb,
i had some really excellent herb last night and wrote a book.
by happyspecialandfresh February 04, 2010
a pest. a person who turns out to be the kind of friend you don't really want around, but can't seem to get rid of. The kind of person who has no life and sends spam emails to a bunch of people he he barely knows just so he can feel like he is communicating and has a life. The kind of person who is not above using emotional blackmail to get you to be friends with them.
that guy is such a herb! I never respond to his emails and the creep calls me out of the blue last night to bullshit. he needs to get a life!
by kahoutek July 07, 2009
also known as marijuana & many more.
the remedy to everything.
herb=one love<3
ms. irie<3:man i have really bad cramps,i need some herb.

ape<3:oh yea,here hit dis herb.
by ms. irie<3 January 20, 2009
Canibus Sativa
Mary Jane
That was some bomb ass herb we smoked B.
by Joe Mama January 21, 2005
basically a complete tool, bullshitter, or anyone who has no personality and basically follows trends. Usually unbelievably self-centered and can't be trusted.
"look at these scumbags walking around in their fucking Salmon shorts and blazers thinking they're the shit. Buncha Herbs"
by krowkneeklay June 16, 2013
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