a slang tern for marijuana
I toked on some sweet herb last night!
by Angel Dust March 07, 2005
A slang Term Used for Marijuana, Cannabis Sativa/etc
u slang herbs? Got some Herbs? lets smoke some herbs
by BeAr- JeRrrrrrrr /J Dog ' 626 November 29, 2003
n. An inept moron. One who says dumb things at innapropriate times.

One who rips off ideas from other people. (aka Herbamania, H-Factor, Herbitude V 1.0)
Wow, that was the goddamn stupidest thing I've ever heard. He really did pull a Herbs.

by monkeydude August 30, 2003
1. To be wack. Worthy of being mocked. Weak, chumpish, and generally to be avoided.

2. Mocking term of friends and/ or enemies.

It's origins lie in New York City, and with a national commercial campaign by Burger King where it stated "Don't be a herb, get the Whopper." In it Herb was a combination of a nerd and a moron.
Yo wassup herbs, what time we drinking?

This party got way too many herbs, I'm out.

That kid asks way too many questions, he's a straight herb son.
by TooDarkMark December 07, 2012
A term that started In Brooklyn,New York meaning someone who is week not street smart
that those kids are herbs I slapped them around & took their gold chains
by NLR718 June 02, 2006
A person who is a loser beyond use of the term. Whenever that person opens their mouth the people within earshot shake their heads and walk away. A Herb also may not call other people herbs because that would make them look like a total herb (but they usually do it anyway because that's what a herb does).
Greg is a herb, try to avoid him.
Nick is a herb, maybe he'll get along with Greg.
Greg just called Nick a herb, lets shake our heads and walk away.
by Ben Last-Name May 07, 2006
something i put in my tomato sauce
These herbs make the sauce taste fantastic!
by mooitsmarcia August 13, 2008

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