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1. Something very cool. Used as an alternative to bodacious in a mock stoner/surfer fashion.

2. A good joint.
That blunt was totally herbacious dude!
by UKSpider July 18, 2008
1.The act of being a herb, a Nerd, dork, geek, a lame, a punk, a loser, an unsocialble person.

2. Basically "that guy" that no one likes.

3. Someone who always makes excuses as to why they cant do something.
Yo are you going out tonight?

You are a herbacious dude!


Where are you from?

Ohh.. That explains why you are so herbacious
by CtotheLos December 26, 2007
to taste of natural spices, herbs and other organic materials.
These lucky charms taste so herbacious!
by bfjak10 December 13, 2007

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