american word used to greet others.
Jim: hello sarah how ar eyou today?

Sarah: Hello Jim i'm good how about yourself?
by Unnecessary S m i l e October 15, 2009
oh hello how are you today
by Glama_Queen May 12, 2009
a way of greeting somebody in a friendly way
hello, mom nice to see you.

(hey, hi, heyy,sup)
by steshie275 May 03, 2009
is a greeting word. Used when first contact is made with another being.
(You're alone in the forest and you see Jesus around the next corner) Hello. (Jesus snobs you(@#$!!).)
by Funstein December 18, 2003
Hello: abbrev. of "Right, what do you want? If its another one of your trifling, attention-seeking miseries again, I have better things to do." Often used in conjunction with "Sorry, I've got a lot of work to do."
Hel..... oh for fuck's sake, bugger off."
A greeting.
Hello, sup?
by Bob Heinous September 14, 2003
This is a term as used in excitement.
Especially good for stating the obvious.
Hello! (when you see a hot chic)
Hello Rain! (when it's raining)
by Pinochle August 06, 2003

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