A common English greeting
Lindsay walked up to the cashier and greeted him with a friendly "hello!"
by Katsayshiii November 14, 2013
Said when somebody states the obvious, similar to 'dur'.
Person 1: Why would he go out with her? She is so ugly.
Person 2. Well HELLO!
by MG... March 29, 2010
A hit song by adele about break-ups. Popular on tumblr.
me: okay, i think I'm over my ex
adele: hello
me: nvm
by SugftumblrhgswstFANDOM.GIRL March 13, 2016
Hello is a short way to say what are you doing or how are you or wanna talk hello is usually how you start a conversation
Hi my name is oly oh hello my name is Lilly
by Makeupgirl132_love me November 22, 2015
1) a sarcastic manner of asking what the heck someone is doing then followed by a quick and angry "telling off"

2) knowing someone said something wrong and just making sure they know what they just said.
1) Uh hello?!? *hands on hips* You best change your way of thinking bud!

2)Hello? What was that?
by what the crap May 10, 2006
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