I think the best "greeting" word ever made in the English language. Can also be used as an expression of shock or absolute amazement.
1.Person A : Hello!
Person B : Hey!

2. Person A: Hello! What the heck are you doing with that lawn mower?

by G0v1 October 14, 2008
something people say when they meet
by Aquapig April 09, 2015
Knowing that this is Urban Dictionary, hello is a sex position.
So my girlfriend wanted it, and I gave her a hello last night. It felt amazing!
by 12yz12ab February 12, 2015
Said when somebody states the obvious, similar to 'dur'.
Person 1: Why would he go out with her? She is so ugly.
Person 2. Well HELLO!
by MG... March 29, 2010
1) a sarcastic manner of asking what the heck someone is doing then followed by a quick and angry "telling off"

2) knowing someone said something wrong and just making sure they know what they just said.
1) Uh hello?!? *hands on hips* You best change your way of thinking bud!

2)Hello? What was that?
by what the crap May 10, 2006
Something you use with strangers or people you chill with. It is also used towards parents. Hello is usually not used with best friends
Hello Maridith! How are you?
Hello mom! I love your shirt!
wasssssss up loser! How was the baseball game?!?!?!?
by Once in a lifetime May 24, 2015
A common English greeting
Lindsay walked up to the cashier and greeted him with a friendly "hello!"
by Katsayshiii November 14, 2013

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