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something you say when you get a pleasant surprise, such as someone attractive passes you in the hallway. note that you dont say it to them.... you say it to your friend whos tagging along behind you. alternatives: good morning, oh joy, oh-oh my god, tehe
*sarah walks by*
Keaton- "so this morning i- HELLO"
Emily- "must you?"
by life-story November 22, 2011
A greeting, sometimes used when you see an attractive person.
Hello, I'm Bob!

Well, hello, beautiful!
by Ezlo July 24, 2008
a way of saying hi. a form of salutation
boy:hi how r ya
Girl:hello im doing fine
by macketteem,erly November 30, 2007

H = How are you ?
E = Everything all right ?
L = Like to hear from you.
L = Love to see you soon!
O = Obviously
Hello...Anybody there??
by neuroticmind March 30, 2006
Associated with world, first program you create in any programming language.
int main() {
printf("Hello world\n");
by BobZomer September 30, 2005
I think the best "greeting" word ever made in the English language. Can also be used as an expression of shock or absolute amazement.
1.Person A : Hello!
Person B : Hey!

2. Person A: Hello! What the heck are you doing with that lawn mower?

by G0v1 October 14, 2008
what idiots say to start a conversation in MSN Messenger. "How r u?" will usually follow. Then, "gtg, bai"
Hello How r u? gtg bai
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003