This is a term as used in excitement.
Especially good for stating the obvious.
Hello! (when you see a hot chic)
Hello Rain! (when it's raining)
by Pinochle August 06, 2003
What you say to somebody you don't like who has started talking to you.
-*rolls eyes* Hello...
by thatgirl68 December 26, 2009
Term used to make one look like a silly moron because they irritate the shit out of you.
You're in class with your friends, your eyes are on the clock, and you're being put to sleep by your hag of a law professor:

Moron in the back of the class wasting you're precious clock-watching time: "Blah, blah -- "
You as you turn around and flatly say, "HELLO! Are you talking?"
by chickanlover January 11, 2007
H- have you missed me?
E- everything alright?
L-like to see you.
L- Like to be with you
O- obviously i missed you.
Hello darling. I love you
by HEllO<3 December 26, 2006
what you say when you meet someone for the first time or you are greeting someone
hello Joseph.
by Xx-JASMIN-xX February 21, 2010
Invitation to sexual intercourse. Mostly used among insecure forumgoers, but also heard in the "real world"
Boy: Hello there!
Girl: No, not with you. I don't have reason to believe you can satisfy me sexually.
by Fippmeister October 20, 2009
The state of being tired or lazy. Empasized when said with a low (a lot of bass) voice. Coined when Calvin Sadhu would always answer his cel phone in that voice.
I did hella things today, im freakin hello.
by ssftable September 29, 2003

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