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greetings to people friends or family
"hello jack" "hello bob"
by Ryan April 03, 2005
7 12
An euphemism for, "I wanna fuck you!"
Sally was dancing at the disco. Some lazy ass punk come over to her and said "Hello..."
by Nill March 01, 2005
12 17
HELLO in all caps is often wat comes out when you say gay or fag in fourms nowadays due to the filter
this thread is HELLO
Helldoll and max are HELLO
by Eltapatio January 19, 2005
12 17
A really pretty song by Evanescence
"What song are you listening to?"

by Fayelove January 15, 2007
6 12
What you say when someone is being dumb...you sort of ask hello?
It's pouring rain outside and you are going to mow the lawn? Hello?
by Cherrie June 24, 2005
3 10
Motorola comercial
Hello, Moto!
by DeeDee, the junkie April 23, 2004
13 20
hello bob how are you?
by Anonymous November 06, 2003
3 12