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among being used to define an integer in programming languages, int is short for interesting, usually said while chatting to acknowledge that you've read what a person said, but dont really care.
"that movie was int."
by dankenstein December 18, 2004
i will not, i wouldn't, i couldn't, i didn't, i don't, i won't, i shouldn't, i can't, i shall not, i'm not i'd rather not
i'nt going to the club wit you
by Mihael Keehl December 05, 2007
Short term for intelligence.

Used in MMORPGS and RPGS in releation to stats
Woo i have an int of 60!

A) OMFG this uber leet robe gives me +31 Int and a +9 against Ogers!
B) niiccee!
by Kane February 15, 2005
It's Not That Serious.
Person A: "Oh My God. I HAVE to make Dean's List this semester!!"

Person B: "Stop stressing so much, INTS."
by Rodjects February 17, 2009
an america online internal account. used for pulling info and scrolling in chatrooms.
sub me off that int - i can bypass securid.
by phillip nis March 18, 2008
Int: (Northern England) a shortening of "is not"
You: Its over there
Me: No it int
by Jimbob May 11, 2005
Means not or no. Being sarcastic. You say int at the end of a sentaence when being sarcastic.
Number 1 - "Hey dude, wanna come over?"
Number 2 - "Yea sure man int"
by Brad Stymest! May 12, 2003
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