What you say under your breath to your friend when a hot member of the opposite sex is walking by
-Hot person walks into the room-

Adoring member of the opposite sex: "hello"
by fiubvevb April 15, 2010
A greeting. A way of telling someone you noticed them. Some synonyms of "hello" are: hi, hey, greetings, howdy, hola (Spanish for "hello.")
Hello Sara. How are you?
Hello Danny. I am good.
by I_Love_Me October 12, 2004
A spastic interrogative exclamation usually following complete ineptitude in the field of physics.
What's the field integral of the magnetic flux of the solenoid?

Do you understand this?

by Tea Cake April 22, 2004

H = How are you ?
E = Everything all right ?
L = Like to hear from you.
L = Love to see you soon!
O = Obviously
Hello...Anybody there??
by neuroticmind March 30, 2006
something you say when you get a pleasant surprise, such as someone attractive passes you in the hallway. note that you dont say it to them.... you say it to your friend whos tagging along behind you. alternatives: good morning, oh joy, oh-oh my god, tehe
*sarah walks by*
Keaton- "so this morning i- HELLO"
Emily- "must you?"
by life-story November 22, 2011
Greeting used by an obnoxious co-wrorker to answer the phone. Generally it is bellowed loudly for all to hear, as if others should be interested in their conversations. The first HELLO! is usually followed by a second, slightly quieter Helloo!

Co-workers that tend to do this often wear slacks that are too short, still live at home, inappropriatley insert their opinions into private conversations, and insist on following other co-workers to the rest room.
Co-Worker: HELLO!
Caller: silence
Co-Worker: Helloo!
Caller: silence
Co-Worker:Is anybody there?
by Billy Zane January 09, 2006
The word you say to someone of the opposite gender at a bar when you have the intention to hump them
Person 1 (seductively): Hello!
Person 2: You look hot.
Person 1: lets go to my place....
by PrkP May 17, 2014
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