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Frustration attained from the stupidity of others. Either from them holding you up or screwing up something you did properly.

Alternative: Heefed up. Heefing. On the heefs.
"Yo. The IT department took 3 hours to migrate my email account. I just rebooted and I STILL can't send messages. They giving me the heefs over here."

"Man, my girl got me heefed. I had all my stuff laid out like I like it and when I got home from work, she changed it all up."
by kepjl20 September 21, 2011
noun: penile flatulence, i.e., air emitted from the penis through the urethra.

verb: to emit penile flatulence.

Synomyms: quofe, cockqueef, dick fart.

Etymology: "he" (male pronoun) + queef.
After Reginald's catheter was removed, he tried to take a piss, but let a bubbly heef at the same time, thereby splattering urine all over the bathroom.
by fauxbourdon December 05, 2005
To smoke marijuana in any way shape or form.
Let's go buy a blunt at the gas station and heef some of this tree I just picked up.
by Brosti July 13, 2005
The flesh of a homosapian ie."human beef".
1 A:what would ya like fer suppa,dweeb?
2Wow,just lookin at yer fat,tender arms makes my mouth water for heef!
by ACkiddo110 December 02, 2006
a screwd up child named shyla who has no friends and is a prep
ur a heef
by sum1 ur not July 27, 2003