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To consume large quantities of alcohol.
"There's a huge party tonight. Will you be enjoying?"
"Oh yes. I am going to get wasted!"
by Brosti July 13, 2005
To smoke marijuana in any way shape or form.
Let's go buy a blunt at the gas station and heef some of this tree I just picked up.
by Brosti July 13, 2005
verb--To dent or smash a car.
noun--any dent or visible impact made on a car.
1) A tree fell in the storm last night and crimpled my car!

2) Man, I just bought the car and it already has a crimple in the door!
by Brosti July 13, 2005
An adjective used to describe a car that has been damaged, whether it be simply dented or smashed beyond repair.
An old woman backed into my car yesterday and now my shit is crimpled!
by Brosti July 13, 2005
Getting the crumpler, a.k.a ring and pinkie fingers in the butthole and index finger in the vagina.
That girl got crumpled the other night by my buddy.
by Brosti October 31, 2005
n. (krum-pler)

A very sweet, sexy move that the ladies are sure to enjoy. Simply put: the ring and pinkie fingers in the butt hole, the index finger in the vagina. Its way more pleasurable than the shocker (so I've heard) because it leaves your index finger free to flex and gives some serious backdoor penetration at the same time.
"I hit that girl with the crumpler last night and she loved it!"

by Brosti December 08, 2005

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