a screwd up child named shyla who has no friends and is a prep
ur a heef
by sum1 ur not July 27, 2003
Top Definition
noun: penile flatulence, i.e., air emitted from the penis through the urethra.

verb: to emit penile flatulence.

Synomyms: quofe, cockqueef, dick fart.

Etymology: "he" (male pronoun) + queef.
After Reginald's catheter was removed, he tried to take a piss, but let a bubbly heef at the same time, thereby splattering urine all over the bathroom.
by fauxbourdon December 05, 2005
To smoke marijuana in any way shape or form.
Let's go buy a blunt at the gas station and heef some of this tree I just picked up.
by Brosti July 13, 2005
The flesh of a homosapian ie."human beef".
1 A:what would ya like fer suppa,dweeb?
2Wow,just lookin at yer fat,tender arms makes my mouth water for heef!
by ACkiddo110 December 02, 2006
Frustration attained from the stupidity of others. Either from them holding you up or screwing up something you did properly.

Alternative: Heefed up. Heefing. On the heefs.
"Yo. The IT department took 3 hours to migrate my email account. I just rebooted and I STILL can't send messages. They giving me the heefs over here."

"Man, my girl got me heefed. I had all my stuff laid out like I like it and when I got home from work, she changed it all up."
by kepjl20 September 21, 2011
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