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A group of people who have the knowledge about a specific music genre.
"Those cats knew their shit, they were pure Hip-Hop headz."
by Dr Professor June 19, 2006
1.Very high quality marijuana.
2.Marijuana one step above nugs.

--Related forms
1. Dude, them headz is that real one hitta quitta.
2. Where da headz at?
by lukel03 October 10, 2006
to suck dick/cock.
Sucking a boys genitals
boy: Dis chik wz propa givin me HEADZ nd everyting.

boy2: o skeen, is it?

boy: yeh. she licked up ma cum as well.

boy2: she mussa been horny init.
by Roodish May 21, 2008
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