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Badder than bad. The ultimate bad bitch. The HBIC in other words.
Did you see Ana over there? That bitch is snatchin'!
by Dizzon February 09, 2012
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When a guy is hitting on a girl and another GIRL comes up and hits on the girl you are trying to get play from.

So instead of saying some girl was cockblocking, you can say she was snatchin' or trying to snatch.

Took me a long time to think of this one, but a few years back I saw this happen often and came up with it.
I think it is a nice play on words.
I almost got play from this chick, but another girl came up and started Snatchin'.

You will never believe what happened to me, this girl was trying to Snatch on me last night!
by Gerald Russell Dec 2006 December 19, 2006
When you claim your fast or are fast
Yo that nigga Adam stay snatchin' on everyone
by Trap Da Ozzz June 17, 2010

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