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2 definitions by Roodish

another word instead of saying "i know" or "you get me"

or instead of saying "init"
Girl: Omdz. Did u c Ricardo dis mornin'

Girl2: yeh man he wz lukin sexi bruv.

Girl: Aliie


Michelle: Nah m8, u sed he's a piff ting nd dat u lyk him.

Maria: nah i didnt. i sed he wz lukin piff bt dat stil ent gna make me like him.

Michelle: stop lieing man.

Maria: Wat! Sonia aliie i sed dat daniel wz lukin piff dis mornin-but hes tryin 2 make me lyk him nd dat it ent gonna work.

Sonia: yeh u did. I wz der ryt next 2 her Michelle.

Michelle: so was i.

Sonia: well u must be deaf den.

Maria: Aliie.
by Roodish May 21, 2008
to suck dick/cock.
Sucking a boys genitals
boy: Dis chik wz propa givin me HEADZ nd everyting.

boy2: o skeen, is it?

boy: yeh. she licked up ma cum as well.

boy2: she mussa been horny init.
by Roodish May 21, 2008