Slang term for bathroom or restroom. It can also be expressed as "The Head."
I'm a roll to the head and take a piss. I'll be right out.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant January 12, 2005
1. To Pleasure your partner with oral sex
2. To say something positive towards somebody else for no reason. (sucking up)
1. she gave me that good head
2. thats o.d. head
by SWAGGA-DAGGA December 17, 2008
1) Oral Sex
2) The top of the body, containing the brain
3)A Chief
4) A suffix to increase the emphasis on a word
1)"Gimme head!"
2)"My head is on my neck!"
3)"I am the head of this operation"
4)"You Cockhead", "You Bat-Head", "How was your Exam-Head?"
by Rob- Head May 24, 2005
a fan of a particular thing. can be used with another word, or as part of a word, such as pothead (smokes a lot of weed), cheesehead (green bay packers fan), etc.
"It's tempting to call Doom an acquired taste, but for the deep underground heads who treat his rhymes like ciphers to decode, he's anything but." review of "Mm..Food" by MF Doom
by d-shadow March 22, 2005
to eat a girl out
monays boyfriend gave her head last night
by neisha February 21, 2004
Well head is when a woman or female puts their partners cock/dick/penis into her mouth and sucks on it for a good 5 minutes
i just got head off my girl friend
by sexonfridays May 19, 2009
To suck a man's dick
Terry gave Mike some bomb ass head
by tastiec June 09, 2003

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