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A type of guitar amplification where the pre-amp and power amp section is separated from the speaker/cabinet.
I'm switching my head into a Marshall, I need more crunch.
by Yngwie Malmsteen June 30, 2004
When a female or male sucks a guys dick. A.K.A. Blow Job
*Insert name here* give me head!
by Me April 05, 2004
People who are deeply delved into rap or cyphering; people who involve themselves greatly in hip hop.
I know a club where you can listen to some heads battle.
by KaBookie August 28, 2003
Head: The sucking of ones penal area until the penis ejaculates. (usually on the girls face ;) )
Monica Lewinsqy gave Bill Clinton some great head after Bill banged her with a cigar.
by RoadRADSL June 19, 2003
When a girl goes down a guy in which to suck or lick his cock. Us guys love it
"aw man my girl gave good head last night she made me cumm all over her."
by eatin my bitch 4 June 25, 2009
Slang term for bathroom or restroom. It can also be expressed as "The Head."
I'm a roll to the head and take a piss. I'll be right out.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant January 12, 2005
To suck a man's dick for pleasure. Best gift guys can have.
I really want to suck one right now.
I love to give head and swallow.
by hawt4u November 27, 2009