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A shitty "holiday" where you have to spend time with your family and act like you're enjoying yourself, when in reality you are just waiting on everyone to finish eating so you can get the hell out of there.
Johnny was in such a hurry to get out of his grandparents' house on Thanksgiving that he fell down a flight of stairs and nearly broke his neck!
by TST November 23, 2006
when you have to jack off to get the rest of the cum out of your dick after having sex
After I fucked Jessica I had to take the cow out to pasture.
by TST November 23, 2006
the act of trying to get rid of a boner
I had to cut the tree down today in math class because i was about to have to stand up in front of the class.
by TST November 23, 2006
The perfect girl. Great tits, ass, face, personality, legs, name, everything.
Person #1: Damn I would love to fuck Jade Green. I bet she has a tight pussy!
Person #2: I bet she does too. I mean why wouldn't she? Everything else about her if perfect so why wouldn't her pussy be?
Person #1: Damn you're right. I would pay good money to get in her.

by TST November 23, 2006
the act of giving a girl an orgasm
I plan on doing the job tonight for Jade
by TST November 23, 2006
The worst rapper ever.
Timantony: Yo, did you cop dat new lil boi album?
Jardelle: Hell no that shit is whack.
by TST November 24, 2006
in basketball, when you get touched by a player from the other team and then fall down and act like you've been shot even when it is a very light touch.
Johnny was over selling today during the basketball game. I barely touched him and he flipped backwards five times and acted like i had broken his neck.
by TST November 23, 2006
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