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1.the act of a female placing the males penis within her mouth and moving her head in a rhythmic movement until the male ejaculates
My girl friend promised me she would give me head today.
by anonymous March 13, 2004
128 99
what males/and females refer to as oral sex.also it is the tip of a penis....
Man, fo my birthday my boyfriend gav me some of that fire head...
Some males prefer to only please their woman by giving them head
by BABY PAC November 29, 2003
226 197
The best fucking thing to give a guy if you don't want to go all the way. You take the guys penis and suck it so hard and so long he has one of the biggest orgasms of his life.
I love giving my boyfriend head, espically when he makes that certain noise.
by Tori B. March 17, 2007
100 72

Stimulation of the reproductive organ performed orally!
Your boyfriend gave me the best head ever. He must be a pro!
by Shan December 16, 2003
88 65
A circular object held aloft by the neck and shoulders, usually containing brains. The sentence, “give me head” can also be used when asking someone to suck on one’s penis. This is not a recommended course of action, however, and will most likely only result in the speaker’s own genital pain.
For example:

Jim: “Give me head. Now.”

Sally: “Who do you think you are, Kanye West?” *Kicks Jim in the eye*.
by Tsunami Lu March 19, 2009
53 31
1. niggaz, ppl, folks, dudes, etc.
2. headies, i.e. REALLY GOOD weed.
3. oral sex
1. we got mad heads on this L.
2. these heads are gonna get us zooted!
3. lori gave her bf heads in the bathroom cuz shes a ho like that.
by risewiththesmoke February 11, 2009
58 40
short for headies. really good weed
Lets call up my dealer, he has heads.
by Matthew Baxxter December 21, 2008
49 31