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Similar to bed head however instead of indicating you just got out of bed, it looks like you just gave head.

Characterized by a large hand print on the back of ones head.
Slut, u got head-head
by Young Reezie February 14, 2008
One who is addicted to receiving oral sex, also referred to as head, dome, or brain
Just as a sneakerhead is someone addicted to getting sneakers
A headhead is someone addicted to getting head
Not to be confused with a bobblehead, chickenhead, head bandit or Karrine Steffans bka Superhead
"That girl is such a bobblehead."
"Wait, no, nigga, chill out. She doesn't ever give head, she just takes it. Girl's a straight headhead, but she doesn't do shit for the guy she's with."
"Oh... that's cool for her, I guess."
by sam the headhead March 31, 2008
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