a person who smokes pot a lot. A stoner, pothead, drugee and whatnot.
Man that kid is such a head. He leaves school everyday at lunch to go smoke bowls.
by youchoose January 01, 2004
Military slang for bathroom area inside the barracks.
- I want that head so sanitary...
- ...that the Virgin Mary could go in there and take a dump!

FROM THE MOVIE: Full Metal Jacket (1987)
by Christian Matsuy August 02, 2007
to suck a mans penis
give me head bitch then we fuck
by michelle August 09, 2004
You have two of them:
Head A (Primary): Your Brain
Head B (Auxiliary): Your Dick
Girl: I wanna suck on your dick head.
by Barack_H_Obama October 21, 2015
Upper part of the guitar. The part that holds the tuning knobs to tune the strings on a guitar. It is on the end of the neck of the guitar.
The head of the guitar is held on the left if you are right handed.
by spiritualud July 24, 2014
It is a bare-knuckle fist fight between two opponents with the specific intent of hitting each other's face, the only rule being no low blows.
I am going to catch the heads with Tony after school. He is about to get beat down!
by gvrinil December 08, 2010
Getting your penis sucked on. preferably by a hot sexy girl.
Man she could suck me all day... dude its just getting head
by The stick slayer March 15, 2009
The tip of a male's penis.
"He tried to put his head in my vagina but I stopped him."
by ~Reign~ October 14, 2006

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