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U.S. Marine Corps- to relieve oneself of urine and or feces in a designated location such as the head (restroom)
-Good morning sir. This recruit requests to permission to speak to the Drill Instructor. This recruit would like to request permission to make a head call.
-Frickin darn head call?! Now?! Are you getting ready to soil yourself?
#restroom #bathroom break #bathroom #latrine #toilet #marine corps #military
by ChrisEm February 15, 2009
U.S. Marine Corps- any restroom, bathroom, latrine, commode, place for bodily excretion on a Marine Corps base or simply referred to by a marine. Sometimes includes showers.
Origin: needs clarification
Gunnery Sergeant got pissed off during the locker inspection, so he hulled a full footlocker into the head and emptied it into a commode.
#marine corps #marine #restroom #bathroom #commode #toilets #sink #hygiene #showers
by ChrisEm February 15, 2009
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