a person who smokes pot a lot. A stoner, pothead, drugee and whatnot.
Man that kid is such a head. He leaves school everyday at lunch to go smoke bowls.
by youchoose January 01, 2004
person who uses drugs in school
The Heads hang out in the woods behind the metal shop.
by The Mango January 12, 2004
To suck a man's dick
Terry gave Mike some bomb ass head
by tastiec June 09, 2003
Something everyone is blessed with but very few people actually use their's.
Hey! If you have a head, use it!
by Woofer December 28, 2013
n. pl. Money, especially paper currency; bank notes; American dollars, i.e. Federal Reserve Notes (any denomination), etc.

Big or large heads indicates a larger denomination.
A lemonhead refers to a known counterfeit.

The word refers to the common appearance of a famous statesman's head (e.g. George Washington on the one-dollar bill, Benjamin Franklin on the hundred-dollar bill, etc.) illustrated on the front face of the note.
I keep a bunch of heads in my wallet. You could call me Perseus.
by Praeteranimus June 07, 2011
Military, usually Naval, term for a restroom. Comes from sailing ships -- when on a ship without facilities, you hung your ass off the head of the ship, and crapped into the ocean.
Man, I've got to piss. The head is third door on your right.
by devylish July 10, 2008
Military slang for bathroom area inside the barracks.
- I want that head so sanitary...
- ...that the Virgin Mary could go in there and take a dump!

FROM THE MOVIE: Full Metal Jacket (1987)
by Christian Matsuy August 02, 2007
The slang term for giving a male oral sex. The best includes eye contact, subtle suction, tongue action around the head, ball action, as well as hands where tongue can not reach. The worls best head is given by blonde pearl girl midgets from single sex schools!!!
Good girls swallow... do you think a pearl girl would be anything but a good girl?!?!?!
by AllGirlsSchool October 19, 2004
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