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The greatest thing ever!
Did I ever tell you about the worst head I ever got... yeah it was awesome.
by Cole Richards November 30, 2005
gettin ur dick sucked or eating a girls pussy
i love getting head from all my bitches
by pimp September 29, 2003
Someone who sucks a guys dick til he cums.
Winnie gave Kunal head and swallowed his kidds
by UNKNOWN June 07, 2003
Upper part of the guitar. The part that holds the tuning knobs to tune the strings on a guitar. It is on the end of the neck of the guitar.
The head of the guitar is held on the left if you are right handed.
by spiritualud July 24, 2014
Something everyone is blessed with but very few people actually use their's.
Hey! If you have a head, use it!
by Woofer December 28, 2013
1) The end of your penis.

2) The act of sucking one's penis.

3) The top-most part of your body.
When you go down on me, start by running your tongue on the head of my cock.
by sculpted October 30, 2011
It is a bare-knuckle fist fight between two opponents with the specific intent of hitting each other's face, the only rule being no low blows.
I am going to catch the heads with Tony after school. He is about to get beat down!
by gvrinil December 08, 2010
USMC language for bathroom or rest room
Sgt. i need to use the head
by Jesus5511477 March 02, 2010