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The term haza was introduced by the character Frank Lopez in the film Scarface. Haza is a yiddish word for a pig, or a pig that doesn't fly straight. The term was later backfired onto Frank when Tony discovered that it was Frank who had attemted to assassinate him.
"You know what a haza is Frank?! A pig that don't fly straight, and neither do you!"
by Nathan May 06, 2005
203 99
A way to say hooray. People tend t think it makes them sound "medieval"..I guess.
Haza for Beer!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
by dumdumdum June 13, 2006
91 76
Random commentary that you say when something happens, such as someone returning from being away.
TC: Hey, I'm Back
DH: Haza
by Dark_horizon March 21, 2004
58 73