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a small elf like creature that roams the forest at night searcing for truth and justice.
snow white had alot of sera friends.
by shitfacedhoebag June 21, 2007
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A term of respect used mainly by the Dunmer of Morrowind in the game "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind".
Respectful Dunmer: What do you need, sera?
by DC Crane August 16, 2008
1. The young, large-breasted female vampire from the anime/manga Hellsing.

2. Someone who is unecessarily squeamish, as Seras was often squeamish about drinking blood at first.
1. Because Seras didn't want to die, she agreed to let Alucard bite her.

2. It's just a dead lizard; stop being such a Seras.
by MissionDoll March 21, 2005
a great friend and an ok Minecraft player but Isabel is better :) she is funny, nice, annoying, and a great dancer. a boy obsessed girl with a kick ass attitude.
Person: "your doing a great job working"

Sera: "shh I'm on my facebook"

Person: "great... working... sera...."
by Amandalovegood May 20, 2013
the best female mod
seras is one sassy mod
by Royal Cline December 14, 2003
A stupid little slut who can't keep her fucking mouth shut.
Girl: Hey I have a secret, don't tell
Sera: Okay I won't
by Acockia March 06, 2015
1.One of the most popular non-developers on Nonoba
Occasionally posts one of her crazy free verses.

2.A car in the Toyota range, called Toyota Sera.
Sera : Unicorns are unicorns.
A unicorn is a horse with a horn on it's head.
Sera is not a unicorn.
Sera has a horn on her head.
Sera is a unicorn
Everyone else : Lolwut?

2. "What car do you drive?"
"A BMW."
"Hah, Toyota Sera > BMW"
by OMG~? March 15, 2008

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